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Introducing our brand new "OMV 90 Day Bridge to Let".

An initial bridge based on market value (or split value, for those clients doing a title split), which can be exited on the 3 month anniversary, onto a BTL facility at full aggregate value.

This neat product allows clients to save a small fortune on interest with not having to wait 6+ months for value stabilisation (or new titles to be issued by HMLR).

A single application, valuation and streamlined legals to ensure your client is in and out, with cash to boot in the shortest time possible.

Need a little longer, due to renovations - not to worry, we can exit when you're ready, and if you find a better deal in the market for your exit, then no problem with us, it was optional in the first place.

All in you're looking at an anualised cost of circa 15.14% for the year, that's the 3 months worth of bridging and the next 12 months of the BTL term. 

Loans up to £5m on residential investment properties in England & Wales. 



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